METAMORPHOSIS~Tigress In the morning~

METAMORPHOSIS~Tigress In the morning~

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Print is 11"x14"

Stillness, by nature, is paradoxical–those quiet moments of contemplation rendering incredible and oftentimes chaotic transformation. 

Here is Tigress in the morning, taking a moment to pull a five card spread. The first cards pulled: where-they-are & where-they-are-going, are out of view. The obstacles, (Tower), resources (2 of Swords) and outcome, (The Star), lay in front of them. The spread is a reminder that life is cyclical, not linear. Sometimes the answer is more healing–a continuum of integration yielding transmutation. 

In the background, the urns of their ancestors act as both guide and bridge between worlds. 

The Stag with its antlers speaks to experience over time. The Serpent, creativity. Together these two creatures illustrate the ouroboric nature of the self–of splendor; of life force; of regeneration. 

The Tiger–while a symbol of strength is also that of the Charioteer–a vehicle within one’s self, driving us forward.

Cards presented are from the Mother Peace Tarot Deck by Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble.  

XVI The Tower: The lightening bolt of illumination strikes hard, throwing everything into chaos and confusion. This allows for a restructuring based on truth, and releases the personality from the false consciousness and depression. The tower, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, signifies a liberation that hurts even as it frees.

XVII 2 of Swords: Finding balance; peace; calming the mind.

The Star: Like rain gentling a pool, grace descends on one who opens in trust and love. The Star represents hope, freedom from pain, the touch of the Babylonian Mother Goddess Ishtar, a ritual of cleansing and self-healing, and Aphrodite’s love.