About Girl Called Alaska


Celestial costumiers, Movement, Writings & Watercolour Musings of a couple of moons living gratefully on stolen land of the Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples of the Songhees nation. 

Girl Called Alaska is the kaleidoscopic curation of Nell & Sahmrai, two soul mates in friendship’s form who want to share their love of ‘All The Things’ with each and every one of you. From art and home decor, to movement and an upcoming zine, Girl Called Alaska is a portal to which you can access multimediums & multidimensions. We’re here for a good time & a long time; we hope you are too! 

Girl Called Alaska is expanding into the abyss & beyond. We invite you to come along--dip your toes in the mystical waters, dissolve into the atmosphere like the beams of stardust you are. Adorn yourself in Peace Beads, move your body alongside ours, decorate your halls with memories both lived & imagined. This is a place where past, present and future merge. Drink it up. Spread it around. Love is the answer. Where you are is a reflection of where you are going. Allow us to hold the mirror for you so that you may examine yourself softly and shine, shine on, Moonbeam. 


About Artist

Nell Nancy Ayotte is an artist and writer living on the stolen land of the Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples of the Songhees nation. Inspired by maximalist décor, ancestral ties, art of yesteryear and the etherial, Nell’s work strives to reflect the nature of community, fluidity, infinity and the self. 

The open faces invite you to dissolve into the artwork's world; as you look into the open faces, these prints ask you to imagine yourself gazing back at you.

About Movement

Nell & Sahmrai met on a Dancefloor 14 years ago. A lifelong friendship forged in a glance--an ephemeral moment of synchronized movement transforming strangers into soulmates. Dancing has and will forever be an integral part of their self expression, as well as one of their favourite ways to connect with one another! 

Introducing an iteration of movement they co-created. Polarity in motion CHI-BO is a series of movements that focuses on breath at the intersection of radio taiso, qigong, yoga, somatic experience and chakra systems. An exploration of movement through grace and fluidity CHI-BO is about aligning your mind and body as you explore, expand, and connect with yourself and all that surrounds you. 

CHI-BO’s origin story is one of morphic resonance—a phenomena that describes the mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms. 

During the first months of lockdown when everything felt uncertain and overwhelming, both Sahmrai and Nell though separate, found they had begun to move their bodies in the exact same formations. Focusing on breath, their low-impact/high-awareness choreography leaned deeply into the nurturing and graceful elements of Radio Taiso, Qigong and Yoga. Inspired also by continuous movement dance practices, somatic experiencing and chakra systems, both Nell and Sahmrai found that the slow, steady fluidity of their movement assisted in tension release, nervous system regulation and body/mind/spirit alignment. Working with notions of polarity, CHI-BO embodies ebb and flow, strength and ease, self and community, while maintaining one’s breath and motion.